Entrepreneurship For You

For The Senior Business Executive.

H. Stuart Taylor, M.B.A., M.Sc.

Business Coach For Entrepreneurs


I started my entrepreneurial experience when I was living in London, England. I had just recIved my MBA from Stanford and was working for the Economist Intelligence Unit (a subsidiary of the Economist newspaper) as a senior marketing consultant

I realized after two years, that I could do this consulting business on my own and could increase my salary substantially in a short period of time.

Business Masterclass for Senior Management

“Start Your Business Now!”


Are you feeling stuck in a 9-5 job?

  • Do you dream of having your own business?
  • Are you a business executive who is unsure about becoming an entrepreneur?
  • Do you wonder where to find funds?
  • Do you struggle with managing your time/establishing priorities?
  • Do you wonder how to generate leads?

In This Intensive Masterclass You Will Learn



  1. How to structure your business
  2. How to build a team (if applicable)
  3. How to launch your business
  4. How to market your business
  5. How to find funding
  6. How to establish priorities & manage your time
  7. How to develope an entrepreneur’s mindset


How It Works


This is a unique course presented by Guy Kawasaki (video) and Stuart Taylor (live). Guy Kawasaki is an American marketing specialist, author, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist.  Stuart Taylor is a serial entrepreneur, who has started over 15 companies including co-founder of TNS Global, ltd, one of the largest market research in the world, and Hard Rock Café restaurant group. The Course consists of a combined live and pre-recorded format:

Six 90-minute individual coaching sessions with Stuart, recorded on Zoom, and sent to you.

In these sessions you will learn how to adapt the fundamentals to your particular needs and have a permanent record of that training.

For the duration of the course, unlimited emails to Stuart regarding aspects of the business.

Please contact me for more details in a complimentary 30-minute Strategy Session.